Skepparps Vingård

Just north of Kivik, on beautiful Haväng, you will find Skepparps vineyard. The farm is run and owned by Bengt and Eva Åkesson, and the location was chosen by Bengt's grandfather for the sake of its beauty. Grandfather Åkesson established his apple orchard here, and the Österlen region in south-eastern Skåne is famous for its apples. Österlen is one of Sweden's major tourist destinations with a unique offering of food and drink, and with a fascinating landscape of hills, sea views and white sandy beaches. Österlen is also known for the many artists who have chosen to settle here due to the special light of this area.

Skepparp Bengt Åkesson
Skepparp Vingård
Skepparp Vingård Meny
Facts about the estate

The soil at Skepparps Vingård is light and sandy. Approximately 13,000 vines grow here, mainly of the Solaris grape varietey. But here there are also 1000 plants of Rondo, and 500 of Cabernet Cortis.

The farm's wines are light, fresh, and crisp. The still wines are fermented in steel barrels, the sparkling ones get their first fermentation in steel barrels and their second fermentation in the bottle according to the “methode traditionell”. The farm's winemakers are Bengt Åkesson of Skepparps Vingård, and Vito Piffer from Trentino in Italy. The farm regularly hosts well-attended and appreciated wine tastings and events with wine and food. Every year in July, a popular wine festival is held on the farm, attracting visitors from near and far.

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Contact:  Bengt "Fuffe" Åkesson

Adress: Verkaåvägen 56
277 37 Kivik