Åhus Vingård


Åhus Vineyard is a boutique vineyard on the northern border of the grape culitivation zone. You find us on latitude 55° 55′ N, on the south east coast of Sweden, close to the sandy beaches by the Baltic Sea in the beautiful county of Scania (Skåne).

Facts about the estate

Established in 2005, it was one of the pioneers among Swedish vineyards. From the very beginning, the vineyard’s 3,000 plants have been cared for by all in all 170 people, all with a passion for wine and cultivation.

Since 2016 it is run by us, four friends, Jörgen (a farmer) & Karin (a textile teacher) and Carlo (an IT specialist) & Karin (a marketing manager). We love the idea to produce high quality artisan wines, in a cool climate and on just one hectar of warm sandy soil on a limestone base.
During the summer we welcome visitors to guided tours and tastings.


Growing and vinification
We grow five grape varieties: Léon Millot, Rondo, Solaris, Phoenix and Seyval Blanc. Everything is done by hand: pruning, weeding and harvesting. Also the vinification is done by hand in our own winery adjacent to the fields. Our ambition is to produce high quality wines, something that has been highly appreciated by our customers. We strive for simple and straightforward processes with a minimum of manipulation.

Contact: Karin Birch

 Adress: Yngsjövägen 226, 296 91 Åhus