Fredholms Vingård

  In the small community of Tyringe outside Hässleholm we find one of Sweden's oldest vineyards. Here's Jenny and Pär Fredholm created their paradise on earth. For to get here you drive route 21 from Hässleholm towards Helsingborg. Before Tyringe, turn left towards Skyrup and after one you are just over a kilometer away in front.

Fredsholm vingårdFredsholm vingprd grapesFredholms vingård solaris

Facts about the estate

A beautiful vineyard between Tyringe and Mjölkalånga, located in a scenic area in northern Scania. We produce white wine and rosé wine, and with few exceptions also red wine. We have a low harvest rate, to achieve the highest possible quality. Our wines are internationally acclaimed! 1800 vines divided into three different varieties of grapes; Solaris, Rondoand Siramé

The Fredholm couple did not want to invest in their own winery, but today rent themselves in Flyinge Vingård's newly built facility. The grapes are harvested and then transported to Flyinge where the wine is made. After bottling, they are moved to Fredholm's own warehouse where they are then delivered out in the world.

We released our first commercial in the summer of 2013. We have since released wines every year, and all our wines have received international medals in countries such as Spain, France, Germany, Italy and Austria. 

Contact: Pär Fredholm and Jenny Fredholm
Address: Augustenborgsvägen 20
282 32 Tyringe