Skepparps Dinner selection

Skepparps Dinner selection

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A New Years taser suggestion by Skepparps Vingård 

Grand Prix Sparkling Solaris
Creme Ninon with grilled scallop

This recipe is a suggestion for creating a delicious dish featuring seared scallops and a vibrant pea soup with a creme Ninon topping. Full recipe here.

Savor the elegance of perfectly grilled scallops atop a velvety Creme Ninon. This dish combines the succulence of expertly seared scallops with the silky richness of the classic French cream sauce. The golden-brown sear of the scallops contrasts beautifully with the creamy backdrop, creating a symphony of flavors. Presented with finesse and adorned with a drizzle of Creme Ninon, this culinary masterpiece is a celebration of refined taste and visual allure. Enjoy the pure essence of the sea and the artistry of French cuisine in every decadent bite.

Grand Prix Sparkling rosé
Tataki Dish with Beef Fillet, Potato Crisps, Pickled Silver Onions, Miso Mayonnaise, and Västerbotten Cheese

Here is a suggestions to prepare a tantalizing Tataki dish with beef fillet, potato crisps, pickled silver onions, miso mayonnaise, and Västerbotten cheese. Full recipe here.

The Tataki dish harmonizes succulent grilled beef with citrus notes, a smoky char, and a creamy miso mayo enriched with Västerbotten cheese. Crispy potato chips offer a satisfying crunch, while pickled silver onions add a zesty tang. This culinary masterpiece delivers a sophisticated and gratifying experience, blending textures and tastes in every delightful bite.

Proud producers of wine Skepparps Vingård in Skåne County, Österlen.

A box contains 2 bottles

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