Madeleine Angevine Wine Grape

Madeleine Angevine, or Madeleine x Angevine 7672, is a green grape originally from the French Loire Valley. It is said to be created by Pierre Vibert at the Moreau-Robert nurseries as early as in 1857. It is still grown in Loire, but also popular in Germany, Kyrgyzstan, the UK and north-western USA, and lately in Scandinavia. This early-ripening grape is a cross between Madeleine Royale and Précoce de Malingre, and the result is a grape well suited for cooler climates.

Madeleine Angevine makes an attractive fruity wine with a flowery nose, similar to Alsatian Pinot blanc. Its crisp, acid and dry wine pairs particularly well with seafoods.

Trivia: Madeleine Angevine is also known under the synonyms Azhupskaja Mladenka, Chasselas de Talhouet, Juliusi Magdolna, Korai Magda, Maddalena Angevina, Madelaine Angevine, Madlen Angevine, Madlen Anzevin, Madlen Anzhevin, Madlen Anzhuiskaya, Madlenka Rana, Magdalene Angevine, Magdalenka Skora, Magdalina Anzhuiskaya, Margitszoeloe, Petrovskii, and Republician.