Leon Millot Wine Grape

The Grape Léon Millot, also known as Leon Millot Rouge or Foster's Leon (or Frühe Schwarze in the German speaking world), is a blue grape that was created by the Oberlin Wine Institute in Alsace in the late 19th century by crossing Millardet de Grasset and Goldriesling and named after the winemaker behind it. If the spring is warm, it is a rapidly growing and early ripening variety. Small clusters of berries dominated by the seeds and with a red pulp. It has a high resistance to diseases. Mildew can, however, be seen on the leaves from time to time.

The Léon Millot wine is concentrated dark, berry, light to medium-bodied with a strong fruit taste, low in tannin. Flavours such as include earthy/barnyard/woodsy notes, purple fruits, and chocolate can be sensed. The grape brings a good table wine and a very tasty nouveau. It generally does not gain from longer storage, but there are exceptions depending on the method of wine making. It pairs well with lighter meat dishes, some recommend it with fish.