Pinot Noir Précoce Wine Grape


Pinot Noir Précoce (also called Frühburgunder) is a dark blue grape and a form of mutation of Pinot Noir. Unlike most of the grape varieties used for winemaking in Scandinavia, it is not a 20th century crossing, its synonyms have been heard of since the 17th century. It is suitable for growing in colder wine regions due to its approximately two weeks earlier ripening.

The grapes are a little smaller than Pinot Noir, growing in small bunches. The wines display medium tannins and are closely similar to Pinot Noir but somewhat more rustic in its taste, lower in acidity, with hints of strawberries, ripe cherries, blackberries and red currants.

It has had many names in different regions and through different times: Augsttraube, Augustiner blau, Augustklevner, Augusttraube, Black Inly, Blaue Jakobstraube, Blauer Frühburgunder, Burgundac Crni Rani, Burgunder Früh Blau, Burgunder Früher Blauer, Champagner Schwarz, Clävner Früh, Clevner Frühburgunder, Frauentagtraube, Frühburgunder, Frühburgunder Blau, Frühe Jakobstraube, Früher Blauer Klevner, Frühreifer Schwarzer Burgunder, Frühtraube, Gospinsza, Ischia, Iskiya, Jackobstraube, Jacobi, Jacobitraube, Jacobstraube, Jacobszoeloe, Jakubske, Jakubske Skore, Juliusi Szoeloe, July Grape, Korai Kek Kisburgundi, Laurenzitraube, Laurenziustraube, Loerinc Szoeloe, Lujega, Luviana Veronese, Maddalena nera, Madeleine noire, Magdalenentraube, Magdolna Szoeloe, Möhrchen, Morillon Hatif, Morillon Noir Hatif, Morillon Parisien, Noir Précoce de Gênes, Noir Précoce de Hongrie, Noir Printannier, Petit Noir Précoce, Petit Noirin, Pineau De Juillet, Pineau Madeleine, Pino Cornij Ranij, Pino Rannii, Pinot Hatif de Rilly, Pinot Madeleine, Pinot Nero Précoce, Pinot Noir Précose, Pinot Plant de Juillet, Pinot Pommier, Pinot Précoce Noir, Pinot Rannii, Pinot Timpuriu, Plant Printanier, Précoce noir, Raisin de Juillet, Raisin de la Madelaine, Raisin de St. Jean, Raisin Précoce, Rani Modri Burgrendac, Saint Jacques, Szent Anna Szoeloe, Tidlig Bla Burgunder, Trauentagtraube, Tuannes Negres, Uva De Trivolte, Uva Di Tre Volte, Vigne D'ischia and Zherna Mushza