Regent Grape

Regent (Gf 67-198-3) is a blue grape created in 1967 by Professor Gerhardt Alleweldt at the German plant breeding institute Geilweilerhof. It is a cross between Chambourcin and (Sivaner x Müller Thurgau). The clusters are medium-sized and loose with medium-sized dark skinned grapes. The grapes seem to be completely resistant to powdery mildew but is sensitive to Botrytis if the weather is wet during blooming. It ripens later than most varieties grown in Scandinavia.

The Regent grape is relatively widely grown in the wine regions north of the Alps, it is the most cultivated hybrid grape variety in Germany.

The wine is aromatic with good tannin content and a strong red-blue colour. It is moderately acid, you can find green peppers, cherries and blackcurrants in the aroma, at good ripening also tones of almond. Can also be used as a table grape with fine fruit aromas. The must weight can get high, which makes the wine reach high alcohol levels.