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At you will find wines from a selection of Swedish and Scandinavian wineries. Most of our wine producers are among the larger ones in Scandinavia, but are in international comparison small, and cultivation and production are artisanal. In addition to growing and producing wine, several of our wineries have tours and wine tastings, some have restaurants and some even hotels or guest houses. Read more about our wineries here, and if you are visiting southern Sweden, feel free to plan a visit to some of the vineyards and experience on site how wine production in the Nordic region is conducted.



Särtshöga vingård

Skepparps Vingård

We arrange wine tastings for large and small parties. Try our own wines together with other Swedish wineries' best wines. Let's add a French prestige wine for blind testing. Or try our direct import of quality Italian or Spanish wines.


Flyinge Vingård

Flyinge Vingård is a family-run farm whose first Solaris plants got in touch with the clay-mixed sandy soil in Vombsänkan 2009. The original idea of an organic vineyard has always been fundamental, which resulted in us being KRAV-certified since 2018.


Särtshöga Vingård

In summer 2013, the first vine plants of the Solaris variety were planted. It is a winter-hardy grape variety that can withstand our cool climate. The grape produces wines with fruity aromas and a medium acidity level. Our vision is to make the world's best sparkling wine on the Solaris grape. We hope and believe that the conditions exist as our vineyard lies in the rain shadow of Omberg, close to Lake Tåkern and a soil rich in lime stone.



Lottenlund Estate

We are incredibly proud of our four wines that are produced from our very first harvest, autumn 2019. The season was very varied with very warm June and July, good August and rain throughout September.


Arilds Vingård

You are welcome to stay with us at the vineyard. Our hotel is open during the summer and the period May - Sep we can also offer accommodation in our Glamping. A success since the opening in the summer of 2019.


Vingården i Klagshamn

The vineyard's location between Klagshamn and Limhamn's limestone quarry speaks its clear language. All our wines are excellent for food but are also very good as companion wines. Hope you like them as much as we do!

Kullabergs Vingård




Flädie Vingård


Our marine climate on the cape with the mountain Kullaberg at the tip has a great impact on temperature, sunshine hours and precipitation. Our northern latitude provides plenty of daylight during the growing season and together with cool nights towards autumn it provides a long growing season that fosters nice mature and aromatic fruit with a fresh acidity.


Frillestads Vingård

The winery is located in Frillestad east of Helsingborg and is run by us two "passionate owners". Now you can visit the vineyard and experience the atmosphere! See how the artisanal winemaking goes from cultivation to bottle.


Flädie Vingård

Flädie Vinproduktion creates high quality wines through dynamic viticulture and modern production. Our wines are characterized by our unique location and the microclimate that prevails here in Flädie.


Snårestads Vingård Swedish Wine


Åhus Vingård

Åhus Vingård is a happy and inspiring gathering point for you who are interested in cultivation and wine. The vineyard is located in Northeastern Skåne near Hanö Bay's long white sandy beach.


Snårestad Vingård

Snårestad Vingård is located 12 km west of Ystad in the rolling landscape between Österlen and Söderslätt. We are located on the slopes down to the sea, on the road between the village and the beach, a stretch that both Linnaeus and Slas have walked at intervals of a few hundred years.


Köpingsbergs Vingård

The vineyard is located on a hill with a view of the sea, Hammar's slopes and the rolling Österlen landscape.
Today, the vineyard consists of about three hectares where everything from Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc is grown to more unknown grape varieties such as Solaris and Seyval Blanc.
We produce sparkling wine according to "m éthode traditionelle " and our wines are usually at least four years "sur latte".

Swedish Wine Center

 ”Life is too short to drink bad wine”
Looking for a taste of Swedish wine – Come to Swedish Wine Centre in Malmö
A glass of cooling rosé wine, a bubbly or a crispy white. Maybe a full-bodied red or a crisp orange wine. A wine tasting with colleagues or best friend. We have wine for all tastes and ambitions. Here you can make your own wine tasting from our selected wines. It is just as well to just come in for a glass or order a bottle for the good food!
Sit down at the bar, hang out with friends around a wine barrel or a table for dinner!
Book a table indoors - drop-in on the outdoor terrace!

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Several of Nordic Vineyards selection of wine have been awarded internationally and are building a strong reputation in the community of wine lovers. 
International Wine Challenge (IWC),  International PIWI Wine Award, International Wine Award Spain, Decanter Wine Awards, AWC - Vienna, The WineMaker International Amateur Wine Competition) USA

PIWI GoldAWC 2020 SilverAWC 2020 Gold

Here is a collection of carefully selected wines from our winemakers.