Swedish Wine Centre

Swedish Wine Centre

Swedish wines and world wines - We collect Swedish vineyards' noble drinks, we love the craftsmanship behind each filled wine bottle. We would like to convey that feeling to you! 
In our range of the world's wines, there is certainly something to your liking. We appreciate wines that are made with ecological or biodynamic principles, but also natural wines.

Swedish Wine centre Jeanette

Global inspiration with local ingredients
Our dishes are designed to share, order a selection of them for the table and enjoy the variety. Order as many or a few dishes as you want, if you want a dish for yourself, it is of course ok too!
The food is best enjoyed when it is freshly prepared, our dishes are served to your table when they are ready, some are served faster and some take a little longer. If you do not get full, you can of course make more orders.


Contact: Jeanette and Johan
Address: Anna Lindhs Plats 10, 211 19 Malmö