About Nordic Vineyards

Nordic Vineyards is a marketplace for wines from Scandinavian vineyards, offered to an audience of wine lovers throughout Europe. It is an online platform to offer exclusive wines, produced in small volumes, from the new and exciting wine regions of Scandinavia. Consumers buy their wine directly from the estate. 

Our winemakers are passionate about growing, harvesting and producing high quality wines, which leaves little time to work with sales and distribution. We created Nordic Vineyards to make the wines available to people through a sales channel many consumers prefer: e-commerce. You, the wine loving consumer, can find exclusive wines that would otherwise not be available to you, only one click away. You can also learn the stories of the estates behind the products and connect with them if you want to visit them or just want to know some more. Nordic Vineyards bring customers and estates together, so that winemakers can focus on their passion of winemaking and less on creating sales channels. 

Experience the uniqueness of Scandinavian wines, directly from Nordic Vineyards!