Our Grapes

In the cool Nordic climate, wine varieties that are adapted to the somewhat shorter growing season are mainly used. The vines often survive down to -25 degrees C in the winter, but a difficulty with viticulture in Scandinavia is rather occations of late spring frost in connection with the bud cracking. 

Normally, 100 days are counted between flowering and harvest. The grape varieties that are most common in Sweden, Solaris (green grape) and Rondo (blue grape) need a minimum of 90 days to ripen.

Other common grape varieties are Regent, Cabernet Cortis & Leon Millot (blue grapes) and Phönix & Johanniter (green grapes). There are also growers who have opted for the classic Pinot Noir (blue) and Chardonnay (green). 

Most of what is now planted are grafted seedlings, but there are also rooted seedlings, especially on the smaller farms.