Sparkling Wine from Sweden

Our sparkling wines are handcrafted and made from the grapes Solaris, Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc and come from the areas Kullaberg and Österlen in Skåne, Sweden.
The grapes are normally picked at the beginning of the harvest period, which gives the wine a high acidity, which is desirable for a sparkling wine. The pressing of the grapes is done directly to minimize peel contact, then the wine is fermented and stored in steel tanks. Bottling generally takes place in the beginning of the year for further fermentation in the bottles.

Another term for sparkling wine in Swedish is often referred to as "bubbel" which describes any wine containing carbonic acid. However it is produced with traditional methods and resembles Champagne in character. Bubbel can be likened a little carelessly to Swedish champagne, as Russian or Armenian champange is often called Champagne.  

Translated Swedish bubbel means in English wine with bubbles.

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