Vingården i Klagshamn

Vingården i Klagshamn  

The vineyard in Klagshamn is a virtual pioneer on the Swedish viticultural scene. The owner and Swedish wine profile Murat “Murre” Sofrakis describes the, at the time, somewhat strange decision like this:

” By the end of the 1990's, having had a decades long passion for wine, we decided to take on the ultimate challenge, to take part in the process of establishing a new wine country.  On the family farm, where we previously grew vegetables, we established our vineyard and an experimental cultivation in 2001, to find the best varieties for viticulture in Sweden.” 

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Facts about the estate

The vineyard is located in the small village of Klagshamn, just south of Malmö, a stone’s through from the beaches of Öresund sound. The town has its origins in limestone and flint mining and even though this activity is not active today, the old limestone quarries testify to it’s history. 

The soil type in Norra Klagshamn where the vineyard is located is generally clay soil with a large element of flint (silex) and under the topsoil layer it is sand-mixed lime, but in the Northern field we have a "pocket" of sandy soil on top of sand-mixed lime, left behind by the latest ice age. 

The vineyard holds appr 9500 vines on its 1.8 hectares of land. About 70% of these vines are the green grape variety Solaris and the remaining ones are divided between the blue varieties Rondo, Cabernet Cortis and Pinot Noir

We have great confidence in the grape material we harvest (by hand), so our winemaking is mostly about monitoring the grapes' transformation into wine. Vingården i Klagshamn's wine style, are wines that have been fermented and stored in oak barrels from Sweden, France and the Caucasus. 

In the winery we work with long storage on the yeast, and racking and bottling is done using gravity only.

Contact: Murat "Murre" Sofrakis and Lena Jörgensen

 Adress: Möllevägen 31, 218 51 Klagshamn