Johanniter is a green grape named after Dr. Johannes Zimmermann, former director of vine breeding of the Freiburg Institute of Viticulture, where the grape was created. Mr Zimmerman was known for his work breeding fungus resistant grapes, such as the Johanniter. It is a cross between Riesling and Seyve-Villard x Ruländer x Gutedel produced by wbi, Freiburg, Germany. As most grape varieties grown in the northernmost wine districts, it resists mildew, as well as false mildew, rather well and is also relatively frost resistant, if not to the degree of some other of the varieties grown in Sweden. To it’s downsides count it’s susceptibility to botrytis and black rot. The grapes are medium-sized and the bunches relatively compact. The vines, leaves and bunches look a lot like those of Riesling.

The wine is strong and fruity, reminiscent of Riesling, but with slightly less acidity and the potential to achieve good must weights Except for in Sweden and Scandinavia, The grape is grown locally in Germany and Switzerland, as well as in Poland.