Arilds Vingård

Arilds Vingård  Arild's winery is located on the Kullaberg peninsula, based on the oldest farm in this area. Many legends have their origins on this farm.

When Annette and Jonas Ivarsson bought the farm in 1997, it was in great need of renovation. Annette and Jonas, being young and energetic, renovated and built themselves growing all the more attached to the farm. An old vine grew in the courtyard, which brought the idea of ​​a vineyard in 2005. In 2006, the first vines were planted. By 2010, the winery was established built and the first wine from the vineyard rested in the cellar.

Annette Arilds vingårdArilds vingårdArilds vingård

Facts about the estate

The Kullaberg penninsula is a fantastic area to grow wine, surrounded by the sea, which ensures that the springs are cool, thus minimizing the risk of premature bud burst. When the sea has been warmed up, there will be no more frost and the growing season is, by Scandinavian standards, long.

Since then, more vines have been planted and today the vineyard has 23ha with 130,000 vines, making it the largest vineyard in Sweden, in terms of production. The dominating grape varietiy is Solaris, but Pinot Noir precoce, Souvignier Gris, Muscaris and Cabernet Cortis are also grown. Wine is grown without the use of conventional pesticides or heavy metals. Instead, sheep of the “Baby doll” breed stroll around the plantations, grazing to keep the weeds in check between the vines. In the wine cellar, the winemaker works with very few additives and lets gravity do most of the work. The heat generated from the vinification is used to heat the restaurant and hotel rooms minimizing the waste of energy.

You can enjoy our wines with a meal in our restaurant located by the courtyard and we offer hotel rooms as well as well equipped tents for “glamping” (glamorous camping) if you wish to stay over.


Contact: Annette Ivarsson
Adress: Lilla vägen 71, 263 73 Nyhamnsläge