Kullaberg Dinner
Kullaberg Dinner

Kullaberg Dinner

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A dinner suggestion by Kullabergs Vingård

Indulge in a culinary experience recommended by Kullabergs Vingård, where our coastal climate, influenced by the majestic Kullaberg mountain, shapes the temperature, sunshine duration, and precipitation. The extended daylight from our northern latitude, coupled with cool autumn nights, creates an ideal environment for the development of mature and aromatic fruit, characterized by a refreshing acidity.

Embark on a heavenly dining journey starting with effervescent Cider. Transition into the main course, savoring the nuances of Lyckeri, Askesäng, and Immelen—three wines crafted from the Solaris grape. These wines harmonize seamlessly with seafood dishes or lighter vegetarian fare, accentuating the richness of flavors. Conclude your meal with Bränneslyckan Ädeldestillat, a robust, slightly spicy character featuring barrel notes, alongside hints of sultanas, almonds, orange, cardamom, and herbs. Whether served chilled or at room temperature, this final offering serves as a delightful digestif, elevating your dining experience to new heights.

Proud producers of wine Kullabergs Vingård in Skåne County, Höganäs Municipality.

A box contains 8 bottles

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