Brunos selection

Brunos selection

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Brunos Selection by Kullabergs Vingård

Immerse yourself in a wines endorsed by Kullabergs Vingård, where the coastal climate, sculpted by the grandeur of Kullaberg mountain, intricately influences temperature, sunlight exposure, and rainfall. The prolonged daylight due to our northern latitude, harmonized with crisp autumn evenings, fosters an optimal setting for the cultivation of ripe and fragrant fruit, distinguished by a rejuvenating acidity.

Embark on a wine voyage, savoring the intricacies of Gylleröd, Josefinelust, and Immelen — three exquisite wines meticulously crafted from Swedish-harvested grapes. These wines effortlessly complement seafood dishes or lighter vegetarian fare, enhancing the richness of flavors.

Gylleröd, an orange wine born from Souvignier Gris grapes harvested in mid-October, undergoes a 20-day fermentation with skin contact. Maturing in French oak for four months, the prolonged shell contact imparts structure, color, and a full mouthfeel. One bottle.

Josefinelust, a Sparkling wine, matures on fine yeast for twelve months, boasting a fresh and elegant character with a delightful, lingering mouthfeel. Awarded a prestigious gold medal in the International PIWI Wine Awards, it features zero dosage. Two bottles.

Immelen , crafted from our finest grapes harvested at peak ripeness in October, undergoes small batch fermentations—half on steel and half on new oak barrels. Meticulously blended for complexity, the young wine rests for eight months on its fine lees, with weekly batonnage, achieving full harmony. Grown on Clay and Sand soil in Southern Sweden on the Kullaberg peninsula. Three bottles.

Proud producers of wine Kullabergs Vingård in Skåne County, Höganäs Municipality.

A box contains 6 bottles 

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