Skepparps Flaskjästa Cider

Skepparps Flaskjästa Cider

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Cidre - Fruity and tasty

Fresh, sweet, oily, long finish with red apples. Grown on sand soil.

Colour: Light yellow, amber colour
Fragrance: Fruity, ripped red apples, biscuits and honey.
Fruit: Mixed Apples, Ingbo, Holsteiner Cox, and Blenheim Orange
Sugar content: 29 g/l
Served at: 10-12 ° C 
Pairs with: Pork, Poultry and Fish dishes.
Vintage: 2019
Storage: Ready to drink
Alcohol content: 6%
Bottle: 75 cl

Proud producers of wine Skepparpas Vingård in Skåne, Österlen.

A box contains 6 bottles

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