The Grand Prix triple

The Grand Prix triple

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The Grand Prix triple, is a box dedicated to Skepparps Grand Prix wine selection. It contains an elegant and vibrant sparkling bottle, a white Solaris wine and a red Rondo and Cabernet Cortis wine, all from Skepparps Vingård. These wines are a pleasant peak into Swedish wines from the Nordic Vineyard assortment. Read more about the wines:
Grand Prix Solaris
Skepparps Grand Prix 15°C Rött
Grand Prix Mousserande Solaris

Skepparps Vingård's sparkling wine - Grand Prix - is made solely from the Solaris grape. Aromatic scent with hints of passion fruit, apricot and green apples. The taste is fruity, very fresh with hints of green apples, biscuits, gooseberries, blackcurrant leaves and lemon.

The Skepparps Grand Prix +15° is a light and cool red wine, made from Rondo and Cabernet Cortis grapes. The wine is produced based on the conditions Sweden has for blue grapes, which generally need a little longer to ripen.

At Skepparps Vingård, we annually produce a white wine made from 100% Solaris from our own vineyard. This release is fermented and stored in steel tanks until bottling. This final bottle is the Skepparps Grand Prix.

This box contains 3 bottles

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