Lotima Noble 2021

Lotima Noble 2021

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White Wine - Sweet

Nuanced, fruity flavor with sweetness, hints of yellow pears, honey, apples, apricot, almond pulp and citrus marmalade. A unique wine produced with Solaris grapes from our cultivation in Allerum. A long and warm season that ended with perfect conditions for noble rot, both in terms of warm days, humid nights and well-ripened grapes. Noble rot is a favorable attack by the fungus Botrytis cinerea on the skin of the grape, where the fungus attacks the skin and makes it more permeable to water. The grape's water evaporates and the grape shrinks, i.e. sugar and aromas are concentrated. An explosion of flavors that is matched with tarte flambée, cheese, Asian dishes and desserts or just enjoy it as it is.

Colour: Pale yellow color.
Fragrance: Nuanced, fruity scent with hints of yellow pears, honey, apples, apricots and citrus.
Grapes: Solaris
Sugar content: 53 g/l
Served at: 6-8 ° C 
Pairs with: A companion drink or with sweet and sour and hot Asian dishes.
Vintage: 2021
Storage: Ready to drink
Alcohol content: 11%
Bottle: 75 cl

Proud producers of wine Lottenlund Estate in Skåne County, Helsingborg Municipality.

A box contains 6 bottles

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