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Dominik selection

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Six bottles of fresh, elegant and vibrant white wines from Arilds, Kullaberg, and Klagshamn vineyards. These wines are a selection of our most premium white wines from the Nordic Vineyard assortment. Read more about the wines:
Arilds Solaris Barrique wine
Kullabergs Immelen
Klagshamn Ego 7

Arilds Vingård's white wine - Solaris Barriques - is made from Solaris grapes. Fruity, very fresh, nuanced taste with barrel character, hints of yellow apples, butter, spices, vanilla, peach, elder and lemon. Grown on clay soil in Southern Sweden, on the Kullaberg peninsula.

Klagshamn white wine - Ego 7 - is made from Solaris grape. The wine is fruity, nuanced with oakcharacter. Hints of yellow apples, apricot, nuts, pineapple, browned butter and orange. Made in a modified solerasystem. Fermented and stored in oak barrels and then finally stored in a steel tank before bottling. Grown on flint and clay soil.

Kullabergs white wine - Immelen - is made of Solaris. Our finest grapes harvested at peak ripeness in October. After small batch fermentations, half on steel and half on new oak barrels, we blended to achieve complexity. Then we let the young wine lay for eight months on its fine lees to reach full harmony, batonaging weekly. Grown on Clay and Sand soil in Southerns Sweden on the peninsula Kullaberg.

The white wines in this selected Swedish box are all handcrafted and made from the grapes Solaris and come from the areas in Skåne, Sweden.

A box contains 6 bottles á 75 cl and 

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