Lottenlund Estate

The story of Lottenlund Estate started on a holiday trip to Italy. Standing on a balcony in Tuscany, overlooking the beautiful view of rows of vines as far as the eyes could see, that was the moment when our idea was born. The idea of living on a vineyard of our own. Not by moving abroad, but at home. Now we are standing here, some years later, on our own balcony in Allerum, Sweden, overlooking the beautiful view, with vines as far as the eyes can see...

Facts about the estate

Lottenlund Estate is a vineyard located in Allerum, just outside of Helsingborg in the north western part of Scania, Sweden. As our guest you will have an experience  close to nature and learn more about our delicious products - mainly, but not only,  our wines, but also distillates, apple juices and honey. All products are manufactured emphasizing the heresy of the land and the traditions of the craft, with sustainability and the long term in mind.

The estate was a traditional farm until the beginning of the year 2000. Thereafter, the land lay fallow for about 10 years until the first vines where planted in 2016.

Growing and vinification
Today 30.000 vines of Solaris, Muscaris, Cabernet Cortis, Monarch, Souvignier Gris and Donau-Riesling are grown on our calcareous clay soils with a limestone content.

The vines are pruned by hand, the grapes harvested by hand and no chemical pesticides are used. The vinification itself is made in our own winery at the estate, with few interventions as we always work to empasize the character of the grape and the location.

The Lottenlund Estate wines
Our wines get their freshness, their specific taste and aroma from the climate and the soils of our vineyard. Crisp white and rose wines, from a single or a blend of grape varieties, all typical to our estate but each still with its own character.

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Contact: Tina Berthelsen
Address: Lottenlundsvägen 8
254 76 Allerum