Frillestads Vingård

Frillestads Vingård

In the autumn of 2006, we met a couple of wine growers at a trade fair, and the idea of starting our own vineyard arose. In the spring of 2007, we started a trial cultivation of 800 m2 with 250 vines. We soon realised that the place was not optimal for viticulture so in the autumn of 2009 we moved to Frillestad, which is closer to the sea and has better conditions to avoid frost damage, and this is the place of our vineyard today. Successively during the 2010s, we have planted a total of 1,100 vines of the varieties Bolero, Johanniter, Rondo and Solaris. These are so-called PIWI varieties, which means that they are more resistant to frost as well as toto diseases such as mildew. 

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Facts about the estate

Over time we have developed our knowledge and the techniques of wine cultivation and -production. Now, after 13 years of operation, we feel that we have begun to find the right methods for our terroir. It has earned us a number of medals for the wines both at IWA in Spain and the PIWI awards in Germany. The estate was a traditional farm until the beginning of the year 2000. Thereafter, the land lay fallow for about 10 years until the first vines where planted in 2016.

Growing and vinification
We grow with an organic focus and fertilize with natural fertilizers only. Everything that is cut in the vineyard during winter pruning and summer trimming is shredded to the ground with our compost grinder. Everything left over from the fermentation of the wines is composted and returned to the vineyard soils. The grapes are harvested by hand after thorough cleaning of the bunches and gently crushed. Rosé and white wines are fermented at low temperature in steel tanks to preserve the natural fruitiness. The orange wine and the red wine are stored in oak barrels. In addition to cultivation and wine making, we also offer wine tastings on the farm, which has proven very popular.

The Estate
We who run Frillestads Vingård, Brita and Anders Norberg, have trained ourselves through the course Nordic Viticulture at SLU Alnarp, Viticulture and wine making at the German State Viticulture Institute in Freiburg, courses in wine chemistry, pruning techniques, wine tasting techniques, etc. under the auspices of the Swedish Wine and Gustibus Association.

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Contact: Brita och Anders Norberg
Adress: Rycketoftavägen 37
253 53 Påarp