Shipping policy

Nordic Vineyards order and shipping policy

Learn how to order from our assortment for delivery to your home. Home delivery is currently available to many EU residents and we will continuously be opening up new countries for home delivery.

Areas with home delivery

If you live in EU we deliver to your home.

    Stay tuned and sign up, more countries around the globe will be added during 2023

      Rest of the World: please contact .

      How to order
      1. Browse the website

      Find your preferred products using the navigation bar or the search field  

      2. Choose a product and add to cart
        Now is the time to ad your product to the shopping cart.

        You do this by clicking on the button Add to cart next to the item you wish to buy. The item now ends up in your shopping cart. When you have added your selected items, click the  Shopping Cart  at the top right of the page.

        3. Review your order

          Make sure you have the right products and the right number of items in your cart. If needed, change no of items in the Quantity-box, then click Update cart.

          Proceed by clicking Check out.

          4. Enter your delivery details

            Enter your name, address and phone number. The phone number may be used to contact you for any order related issues, or for delivery notifications from the carrier.

            If you buy for a company, enter the company name

            Read and accept our general terms and conditions.

            Click the button Continue to shipping. 

            NB! If you live outside the countries we currently deliver to, please send an e-mail to and we will contact you.          

            5. Select shipping method

              Make sure the telephone number and address are correct and select preferred shipping method (if more than one is available )

              If you have a gift card, enter the Gift card code and click Apply

              Check that the price is correct and click Continue to payment

              6. Choose payment method and pay

                Nordic Vineyards offer payment methods such as PayPal as well as major Credit Cards. Your card must be open for internet purchases.

                Choose one of the payment methods and follow the instructions. Click Pay now.

                After completing the order, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

                7. You will be contacted at time of delivery

                  You will be contacted by the carrier via SMS or telephone when your goods is ready to be delivered to your home or your pick-up point.

                  Upon delivery to your registered address, the person receiving the order must be 20 years of age, or higher according to the regulations of your country of residence, and comply with our sales rules. When delivery to another address than your home, you as the customer must receive the goods.

                  The person who receives the order must show valid identification at the time of delivery. 

                  Notable while visiting Nordic Vineyards

                  If you pay by card, make sure the card is approved / open for online purchases. If you are uncertain, you can normally check this by logging in to your bank.

                  Individuals as well as companies can order, you may enter a billing address that is separate from the delivery address.

                  We cannot change or add items to your completed order delivery.

                  We charge a fee for the delivery. The fee depends on where you live as well as the size and weight of the package. A standard package holds 6 or 12 whole bottles.

                  If you for any reason prefer a to buy less then standard package size, please contact 

                  Delivery time

                  The orders are delivered from the vineyards producing the wine in question, and different vineyards may have different delivery routines. However, our guidelines to our suppliers is to deliver within 5 working days from reception of the order. 

                  For total delivery time, please add the freight time, which differs depending on your country of residence and the chosen freight method.

                  Questions about delivery

                  If you have questions about deliveries from Nordic Vineyards, you will find many answers among our Frequently Asked Questions.