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White Wine  - Full-bodied and tasty 

Nuanced, fruity, with hints of oak, yellow plums, apples,nuts, spices, butter and citrus. The wine is grown on flint and clay soil.

Colour: Light yellow colour.
Fragrance: Fruity, nuanced with hints of oak, yellow plums, apples, nuts, spices, butter and citrus.
Sugar content: <3 g/l
Served at: 13-15 ° C 
Pairs with: Fish, Pork, Chicken/Bird or with light meat dishes.
Vintage: 2019
Storage: More then 3 years.
Alcohol content: 14%
Bottle: 75 cl

Proud producers of wine Vingården i Klagshamn in Skåne County, City of Malmö

A box contains 6 bottles

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